SPOTLIGHT: Baby Marantz Restoration

I am not taking on new work.

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Affordable, quality restoration for your Marantz classics!

Marantz Specialist
Skilled technician with over 40 years experience.

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  • Restoration generally includes:
  • Complete evaluation and estimate for your approval before work begins
  • Controls, switches, tuning mechanism and jacks cleaned and lubed
  • General cleaning of chassis, faceplate and knobs
  • Face plate, knob and dial polishing
  • Lamps replaced with premium quality replacement LEDs.
  • Dial and meter filters replaced to restore original color (if required)
  • Replacement of components that are out of specification, have a reputation for failure or that have exceeded their service life
  • All glue removed from circuit boards
  • Heat sinks cleaned, new mica insulators and thermal compound installed
  • All jacks, sockets, terminations and connectors cleaned and treated
  • Full AM/FM alignment(Tuners/Receivers) and adjustment of idle current and DC offset.
  • Performance tested to verify unit meets or exceeds factory specifications, printed report provided.