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Big thanks goes out to... 
Catrafter..After many years in storage, my Marantz 2330B is back in all its glory at or above spec thanks to catrafter (Tom) it truly looks and sounds beautiful
If any of you are in need of assistance, I highly recommend Tom. Very experienced and loves Marantz .. thanks again Tom 

Talking Rockin' Again! 
After trying to get my 3800 and 170 DC repaired fifteen years ago I regretfully boxed them up and stashed them away in my garage. Due to lack of good repair shops and raising a family

I gave up trying to get them repaired. Then last year we bought a new house and when I moved the gear out of my garage I thought... I've got to see if I can get this stuff fixed. Well to make a long story short I found AK and knew I was in the right place. Fellow AK'er catrafter came to my rescue and now they are crankin' away in like new or better than condition. Thanks catrafter. 

 Awesome Marantz 1200!
It sounds beautiful and you've transformed the dog's lunch inside to a work of electronic art.  Anyway, it hasn't been turned off since. Absolutely great job, Tom I couldn't be more pleased, it sounds better than when I got it and that was good enough for me to pack it around through many moves, hoping to get it cured one day. Thank you for a taste of real craftsmanship, rare these days. 

Hi Tom,
Finally hooked up the 4300! Oooooohhhhhh . . .  so sweet!  Works beautifully, sounds -- well, utterly awesome!
Thank you again for all your hard work, help, and the repairs! 

Marantz 2285B
In my last email I said I was "very pleased", but that was a major understatement. I'm ecstatic with it! It sounds and looks amazing. The power supply filter caps look even better in person!! Excellent work!    

Marantz resto complete
I joined AudioKarma a few weeks back, mostly to find someone to restore my 3800 and 170DC.
It didn't take long to turn up a person qualified to do the restoration. Another member pointed me to Catrafter. Since he is relatively close to me geographically and has a good rep on here I took the plunge and sent my gear off to him.
I got my previously tired gear back yesterday. Catrafter did what he promised - restored everything to meet or exceed original specs and cleaned up the gear cosmetically, very nicely. His communication before, during, and after the restoration was excellent. The well organized before and after spec sheets are a wonderful idea. Very meticulous work.
My preamp and amp were packed so well for the return trip home they looked like they might of survived if the Fedex plane fell out of the sky.
Thanks much.

Restored Marantz 2265!
My 2265B was in sad shape. The cosmetics were OK, but the guts were a mess. It had been sitting in a hot attic for more than 20 years in its original box. Upon plugging it in, I found a hum on every setting, volume or not. Reception wasn't too good either. I asked AK member CATRAFTER if he thought he might be able to look at it for me. What I received back was nothing less than a miracle! It picks up stations I never knew existed. I am so grateful for his extreme efforts to make this the finest receiver I ever owned and a dream come true. After all this he even included a performance report, a parts list, and tips how to care for it. When I opened the box and connected it up to listen, I actually felt like it was 1976 and I was 25 years old again. How can you put a price on that?

Thanks, CATRAFTER!   

My 2230
Arrived in perfect condition, and it looks -- and sounds --
I just had time for about 30 minutes of listening last night and again
this morning; I'm pleased and very impressed by your work.

  Marantz 2275
The unit looks and sounds sensational.  Clean, crisp power!  It looks brand new!
 From blues to jazz to internet radio, the sound and separation are superb.  I did not need to turn the volume control much past 10 o'clock.  That is a noticeable difference, since before restoration, I could turn to 12 o'clock before loudness became irritating.

Thanks, Tom!
I did however get the 2230 yesterday and when I turned it on it was pure bliss. My biggest fear was that it may not sound like a 2230 with the refurb, but it does. I love the attention to detail, I couldn't imagine someone out there doing any better on a receiver. And now I also have peace of mind that it's not going to blow up on me or anything. Can't wait to hook up a turntable!!
Thanks again!

Hi Tom,
My 2275 arrived yesterday.  It looks and sounds fabulous.  You are a master.  I think you'll be seeing my 1200B before long.
 Best wishes,

Hello Tom
I just wanted to drop by with an update about my 2230 that you so completely restored.
I've been running it 24/7 over the last week and today I did some more critical
listening.  Since the excellent out-of-the-box performance I wrote to you about, the
bass tone has become more rounded and prominent, and the highs have softened just a tad;
the sound is wonderfully full with good soundstaging besides (three martinis?).  I don't
think I can blame my ears for the developments, so am instead deciding that this can be
attributed to some's glorious.
In any event please know that I'm simply delighted with the receiver.

Thanks Tom
A BIG MAHALO to Tom (aka catrafter) for a complete restore/rebuilt of my Marantz 2235B. He did a fabulous job and great communication during the process. It sounds and looks just like they say.....just right off the assembly line as of yesterday.......
If you haven't used his services, you're missing out.....
Thanks again Tom!

The 4230 sounds and looks fantastic, thank you so much for doing this and also thanks for the cleaning tips, it will help me keep them looking great.
It was a pleasure dealing with a professional like you, many thanks and if you ever need any references I'll be happy to give them.
Best Regards,


I received the receiver today and it looks and sounds great!  I should have the wood case by friday so it will all be put together.  Even my wife thought it sounded great (she hated my other stereo).  Feel free to use before and after pictures if you like.... it was very ugly to start with. 

2285B !! .... The Power & The Glory Courtesy of Catrafter...
I truely can not say enough about the Outstanding Workmanship Performed on my 2285B by A/K All Star Member in good standing , Catrafter ( aka Mr Tom Williams ) ... The Sonics are Incredible not to mention its beauty ( Tom used mostly panasonic caps & Don's LED's ) Catrafter has managed to retain that Signature Marantz Sound !! we all love so much .  If your looking to get a piece Professionally!!! restored , take it from a half decent hobby tech and trust me on this CATRAFTER is the MAN !!!  Absolutely Stunning !!! inside and out . Mega Thanks Tom .... You da Bomb !!!

Quad was dead!
That's what I thought until CATRAFTER restored my 4240 about 2 months ago. Cowabunga, this thing sounds great! Another incredible job by Tom.  Not only does it look new but it really pumps out the sound, and bass is amazing on this thing.  I had to say something about this, as CATRAFTER'S work is becoming legendary.  The original rating for the quad mode was 17 watts per channel but Tom's restoral has it up over 20 watts per.  I don't know if it's the 4 channels but it sounds like a whole lot more power than 20 watts/channel.  I can't turn it past 1/3rd without hearing "Turn that damn thing down!". And that's from the kids.

I also wanted you to know that the receiver does seem to work just fine (I hope it stays that way after the jolt it had)... and when I say "just fine", I mean this thing is pretty awesome! It sounds great! (and I'm simply using my laptop to play some MP3s at the moment!) It definitely has that warm Marantz sound. I'm impressed with the power-output as well - This thing really is a beast! Prior to the restoration, I noticed some background noise, but all that seems to be gone now and the tuner seems to work much better as well... I'm able to tune-in more stations.

I've got it set up and the sound is unbelievable, I've got some Clarence Carter cranking it is just great. I will always be indebted to you. You are the best, thank you. Anything I can ever do for you just let me know, I am so happy with the results I can't begin to express myself!
I was stunned that the 2325 sounded so good, and had so much spare power.  I know the KHorns are really efficient, but wow.  We gave 'er a real workout Friday and Saturday night, it was on for several hours both days without breaking a sweat.   I'm sure the 2325 will outlive me, my grandkids will still be able to enjoy it 30 years from now.  I couldn't be happier with the job!
Mike S.
Tonight was the first opportunity I have had to do an audio  test with the Marantz 2285B you just restored for me.  I had powered it up previously just to see the magnificent Marantz dial "BLUES" with the LED' looked magnificent. 
Prior to sending you my Marantz 2285B, I had tested it thoroughly side by side with my Marantz 2270 with different genres of music.  The 2270 came out on top no matter what genre of music I selected, even though I could tell the 2285B had way more reserve power.  It is a reversed role now, hands down, after testing them side by side tonight.  I could not believe the difference I was hearing as a result of your magic your performed on my unit.  The difference in sound after the rebuild was remarkable and noticeable instantly. 
I can see why so many of my Marantz buddies highly recommended you.  They told me the wait time might be long, but once serviced/restored it would be well worth it.  I concur with them 110%.  Thanks again for the extreme care you took in dismantling, re-assembling and refurbishing my 2285B while "under your wings".  It was returned to me looking like it had never been removed from its original packaging when it was produced in looked that good and probably sounds better than it did originally with all the new improved electronic components that were replaced.  Many thanks Tom!!! 

I have the 2270 paired with a Rega P3, and an old Marantz CD player driving a pair of Paradigm Studio 20's V4 speakers. I am so impressed with the sound from the 2270 and the sensitivity of the FM section.  I have had probably a dozen people over since I got it back from  you.  All have been impressed with the sound.  It is far better than I had expected could be pulled from  a restored 35 year old piece of electronics.  I find myself listening to it more than my five figure Bryston and B&W setup!  You truly do work magic with these units.
Thanks again!

I got the 4300 back today and carefully opened it up, followed your instructions, and I have been listening to it for over 3 hours now.
I ran through the FM dial with a really cheap antenna and it works great [there are no decent am stations in range]. Then I put on a cd that is a mix of my favorites that I have listened AT many times before and WOW.  I say listened "AT" because I'm now hearing subtleties in the music and even instruments that I just wasn't hearing.  I know that all stereo gear degenerates over time but I guess I really never knew just how much.  I have the same cd and cd player, the same speakers - entirely the same setup - it just sounds so much better.  I am literally sitting here with chill bumps listening to that GREAT MARANTZ SOUND AGAIN!
You are THE MAN!
OH YEAH - IT LOOKS GREAT TOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I just finished putting the 2325 through its paces.  It looks and sounds wonderful!   Tested AM, FM, Aux (CD), Tape and Phono.  All seems well so far.  The LEDs look good too, much better than I expected.

I'm actually listening to it as I write this email. It sounds, looks and is simply amazing. All of my expectations were exceeded. I am especially greatful that there are a few people out there like yourself who are making it possible for youngsters like my children to hear what real audio equipment should sound and look like. It arrived back in perfect condition. Thanks again and I'll keep in touch. 
The 2270 arrived today! I already have it hooked up and I am listening to it as I write this. The sound is fantastic and has retained the Marantz warmth that I love. It looks like it is brand new, I was really surprised with how great it looks once powered up. I can't say thank you enough for doing such a great job on my prized receiver. You are a true craftsman!!!
Thank You, Richard

My Marantz 2500 is absolutely beautiful and the sound is impeccable after your ground up restoration.  Your attention to detail is second to none. I love your work ethic and suggestions.  I was also extremely pleased with the photos and e-mails you sent as the work progressed, it let me know you were taking care of it, work was progressing, and my anticipation increased with each e-mail!!!  I would HIGHLY suggest your work to EVERYONE with a vintage receiver. As I told you I first saw this receiver in a CMC store in 1978 (I was in 8th grade) I had a paper route at the time and the manager offered to work with me on a layaway but $1200 seemed like $6000 when I was making 4 cents per paper, but I swore one day I would have one.  It took until I was 46 (2009) to actually afford it. Then about a year after buying it on Ebay I turned it on one day to see nothing but lights and the fan. It sat for nearly two years because I couldn’t allow just anyone to work on it. I did a lot of research and your name kept coming up again and again. I am glad I waited. You returned it to me like a mighty Phoenix rising from the flames with so much power it boggles the mind. And being a child of the 70’s, and running it through a pair of Bose 901 Series Vs I like it just a little loud ;-) Everything from Classic Rock to Mozart. Now at 50 my friends are starting to sound like my mother so many years ago: “Can you turn that down a little?”…………….BAHAHA!!!!!  I think my neighbors would probably like to get your contact information but would use the info for evil and not good….LOL   Don’t worry they’ll never get it from me!!  However anyone that ever mentions needing electronic work done I will hand them one of the cards I keep in my wallet upon which I’ve printed your info.  Your attention to detail, keeping the customer informed from beginning to end of the restoration and afterward as well, and just good old common sense are rare traits indeed in the world today, you possess the same respect and admiration the owners do and it is evident in the work you do.  I honestly believe you were as excited as I was to get it done.  I turn it on at least once a day with few exceptions and think of your diligence each and every time.  I look forward to my daughter getting it someday and know that she will in turn pass it to her child.  Perhaps one day a great, great grandchild will say “ Wow great grandpa must have been a really cool dude”.  You made this possibility viable and I can’t thank you enough. Not to mention I get to enjoy that Warm, Enveloping, All Encompassing sound for the rest of my life!
Thanks and Take Care,
I can't say enough about how well that 3800 sounds !!!! I listen to a variety of music, stuff my mother played on our  68 sears silvertone console stereo ( the Vogues, the Lettermen, Johnny Mathis etc, to what we listened to growing up in the 80's... it sounds so much better than my tube Mac pre-amp.... with that amp it seemed to come directly at you, with the 3800 it seems to disperse more, not so centered but wider ( if that makes any sense ) I love listening to it....
 There is no site to rate you by chance is there ??? if there is I give you a 20 out of a possible 10... you did a fantastic job on that amp....Anyway.... if I sound redundant in saying this.... thanks again.....

I’ve got the 2325 set up and have been playing; Strunz & Farrah Americas, Paul Simon Graceland, some Mozart Violin concertos, Clannad, Bit O Jethro Tull, Bob Marly, but I haven’t had time to really do a sit down and listen—busy cleaning house for party tomorrow. Mostly CD’s, the Mozart is a tape—used the Dolby for playback and it sounds great.

It has been a long time I think since it has sounded this good. It seems a little bright but like I say it hasn’t worked well for ages. The very beginning  of Graceland has some cymbals and drum stuff and it’s so crisp and sharp and tight. Yee Haw! Cranked it briefly and it seems to have more punch than it has for a long time.

It’s sounding great! Thanks for bringing it back to life.


The 2265B arrived safe and sound Wed.and I got it back in the case and hooked up last night. Tested everything and it sounds great! Thanks so much for your quality work and timely updates and service. 
Best, Ken

I finally made some time to review the 3300 over the weekend.   It works like a champ, the sound is great. 
You are a wizard!  Your work is flawless, and I really appreciate your attention to every detail.
If I can ever serve as reference for your fine work please do not hesitate to reach out.
Thanks for your help...
Always my best wishes,

After a day of listening, everything on the 2325 is great. I am not noticing any of the channel dropping or buzzing that occurred before, and at last, my tuner is finally accurate! I wasn’t anticipating much change in the sound of the receiver, but to my surprise, there seems to be more clarity and articulation to the treble than I remember it having in that past. I’ve been mainly listening to records, so perhaps your work on the phono stage was what made that happen. The vibrant appearance of the tuner and lamps is a real treat, as well.

I am really glad that I sent my amp to you, Tom. If there’s any place that I could write you a shining review, I’d be eager to do it!   In any case, I’d love to have another piece of vintage Marantz gear on my shelf.
Thanks again for your attention to detail.
Tom S.

I have to say I'am amazed, the 2330B drives those JBL L-112's really well. At times startled at what I was hearing. Thank you very much! 

The 2270 sounds Fantastic!!!
Absolutely smooth,clean,clear power.
Amazing what you’ve done to this machine.
I Love It!!! 
Thanks so much!


Another 2270 owner:  I'm thrilled with this project. I agonized over this for a while--after all, the expense is considerable, and the shipping logistics take time. But I knew that the receiver dated to 1972 (the year I entered high school), so it badly needed to be updated. I also knew that I wasn't going to part with it for any amount of money, so it deserved a wholesale refurbishment (not just a basic cleaning and recapping). When I saw your reviews on Audiokarma, I decided that if I was going to have it done, I wanted it done right.

Your up-front estimate was excellent--detailed and thorough, and your helpful e-mail updates included pictures that allowed me to see the before/after contrast. I was shocked at all the old parts you replaced! 

Throughout the process, you were patient and helpful, and I appreciate it. The Audiokarma folks rave about your work, and I see why.

Best regards--and many thanks!


 The 2275 is part of my little living room entertainment system.  I'd be lying if I said I have great ears but the sound is just clean and beautiful. It sounds wonderful to me and it is a pleasure to look at.   

I could not be happier as my Marantz 2275 looks and sounds marvelous.  Beyond that the packaging instructions, quick response to any questions I had, and photo updates on the work as it was being done was simply the best service I have ever been provided and removed all stress from having my much loved 2275 sent far away and worked on by someone I did not know.  
It was a great pleasure getting to know you!
Mike H

I got her (the 2285BD) wrapped up in walnut this morning and wired everything together.

I’m stunned!  OMG!  This is amazing!  I’ve never heard a restored vintage unit before and this is phenomenal!  I am truly blessed!  I can’t thank you enough for everything you have done.

This was a long adventure with not just a happy ending but a beautiful one.

Thanks again!



Hi Tom,

 The 1060 continues to please me.

I have newer systems, I have more powerful systems and none of them sound as “right” to me as this little 1060.  I don’t speak audiophile but the 1060 sounds “fat” to me.

By fat I mean it is solid with strong bass and midrange, excellent separation and imaging.

Those of us who grew up in the golden years of hi fi remember that Marantz personified that sound.

The work you did has definitely fattened the sound … I absolutely love it.

When I finally get around to properly downsizing this amp will continue to bring me years of happiness.

 Thanks again for your excellent work,



I was sitting at the kitchen table with the Marantz 2325 playing Mood for a Day, the Steve Howe acoustic piece on Yes Fragile, on vinyl and I had to get 
up and move into the room where it was playing. 
After 30 minutes Of intense listening I had to email. The detail and clarity of the marantz are amazing. It just drew me into the room. 
I’m playing it through some KEF 350s. The turntable is pretty crappy and it still sounds amazing. Vivaldis 
Four Season on vinyl is equally amazing. But it all shines so much brighter on the streaming Tidal Masters track Case of You by Joni Mitchell. 
I’ve heard this track many times through every system I have, and this is the best by far. 
Truly excellent. I plan on hooking it up to my Vandersteen 2Cis next week.


Hi Tom, 
The 2245 looks great...absolutely great!  Thank you so much for all your work, expertise and skill.  
Thanks once again and best wishes as always. 

Marantz 1200

Tom, it looks great. Another amazing job!

Ed S.



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