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1200 For Sale!

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$1250 USD plus shipping and insurance

This is a really nice 1200 integrated amplifier, restored by me to the same standards I use on all my restorations. 

The top cover is included, I removed it for the photos.

There are a couple of tiny marks on the top edge of the face plate, otherwise it's nearly perfect.



Here's what I did:

Completely cleaned the covers, rear panel, faceplate, knobs and chassis.
Polished faceplate and knobs.
Cleaned and lubed all the controls and switches, Cleaned, polished and lubed all the jacks.
Replaced all the small electrolytic capacitors with high quality 105 degree C rated types.  Most of them are axial types which cost a bit more than the more common radials types.
All electrolytic capacitors in the audio signal path were replaced with film types, Panasonic or WIMA.
Large electrolytic filter capacitors replaced, bypassed these with a small film cap for improved transient response.
Replace the suppressor networks with a modern safety rated types.
Replaced one broken rear panel AC outlet.
Replaced overheated resistors on the power supply board.
Replace the speaker protect relay.
Cleaned and treated all internal connectors and ground terminations.
Cleaned all the heat sinks, install new thermal compound and mica insulators.
Removed any corrosive glue from circuit boards.
Performed service bulletins, including the fly back diode modification.
Amp Pre-drivers checked per service bulletins, driver transistors replaced with beta matched Toshiba TO-66 types, Output transistors replaced with On-Semi MJ21193/94G THD characterized TO-204 (TO-3) types.
Replace the lamp with an LED replacement type.

Aligned/adjusted to meet factory specs, bias and offset voltage set.
I performed a comprehensive performance test, it meets or exceeds the manufacturer's specifications.



The price is $1250 (plus shipping) with my usual 90 day warranty.  
I will supply the packing materials (bubble wrap/double boxes/rigid foam), buyer pays shipping and insurance.  CONUS ONLY!  Sorry AK, HI and Canada.  Shipping estimates provided if you let me know your zipcode.





Why buy this one?

Professionally restored Marantz 1200
with 90 day warranty                                                  $1250
Proper packing materials/double boxes                                 $ n/a
Shipping with insurance to Restorer                                   $ n/a
Restoration, including high quality parts                             $ n/a
Shipping with insurance (varies with location)                        $ 100
Your total cost                                                       $1350


As-is Marantz 1200 from eBay with shipping                            $ 700
Additional packing materials (you know it's going to need them)       $  25
Shipping with insurance to Restorer (varies with location)            $ 100
Restoration, including high quality parts                             $ 650
Return shipping with insurance (varies with location)                 $ 100
Your total cost                                                       $1575



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